...why re-invent the wheel?

How we work:

– BARE BONES: Practically we use the WORDPRESS content management system, a proven code framework that is used by millions of websites now.
– It benefits YOU, the client in many ways, mainly that you get a very ROBUST and reliable website

– DESIGNS: Why create a design from scratch if you can simply choose from thousands of already created templates. The advantage is that you can have something workable in a matter of hours. You can get a FREE theme at www.wordpress.org

– After you have narrowed your design choice to a suitable template, we simply MODIFY that theme to your needs. That process can be achieved in 3-8 hours, sometimes more depending on your business type, your simple or complex needs.

– We will also setup a very intuitive PAGE BUILDER on your website. This enables you with a little bit of practice to EDIT your website, add pages yourself, add images, videos, etc, saving you time and money. We are always there to help, simply email your request.

– WE WORK BY EMAIL: we don’t want to spend hours on the phone. Get organized and collect the items you need for your site: IMAGES, WEBSITE NAME, BUY A DOT COM OR DOT SOMETHING in advance. You will save a lot of time and money…

– Then email / message us with a brief description, and we respond to you within 24 hours with some cost ideas.

– Use the contact form below and get the ball rolling…